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Nidecker Supermatic Snowboard Binding

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Nidecker Supermatic Snowboard Binding

The first self-locking two-strap binding that works with all snowboard boots.

The Nidecker Supermatic is what snowboarding has been waiting for: the first universal automatic binding with two entry options. Lots of brands have tried to crack the step-in binding code and failed. Most of these systems required specific boots, many of them didn’t work well in powder, and none of them were as comfortable and reliable as a regular two-strap binding. Nidecker spent four years developing a custom solution that solves all these problems, and it’s a real game changer.

The Supermatic binding works on the principle of an activated hiback called Drop In tech. Simply slide your foot over the back and step on the heel pedal to automatically engage the binding. That’s it – you’re ready to ride. A simple release lever allows you to exit the binding just as quickly. The straps have the same comfortable AuxTech construction as Nidecker’s classic high-end bindings. Set them once, then lock them in place with the Locking Slap Ratchets aluminum ratchets so your bindings will always fit great next time. The beauty of this system is that it works with any boot from any manufacturer, and there’s no complicated mechanism to get messed up. If slope or snow conditions require it, you can even strap in just like a regular binding.

The Supermatic system is made with proven materials found throughout the Nidecker model line. The all-new baseplate is made from durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a Slip-N-Grip plate that helps the tip glide over the base and makes boarding even easier. There is a roller in the rear for smooth running of the hiback trigger. Finally, the Asym Hadron nylon hiback is designed for a perfect fit, with a responsive flex and integrated preload adjuster for a complete custom fit.

Overall, it’s a medium stiff binding that the Nidecker team rated as the most comfortable yet. They tested it everywhere – on the slopes, on steep and deep freeride sections, and in the park – with input from riders of all types. Bottom line: it’s a speed-entry system you can trust. The future has just arrived.



  • Baseplate: Asym Rockered Matic-Series – Glassed-filled Nylon: The proven baseplate with an asymmetric design for optimal energy transfer is supplemented with specific Drop-In technologies in the Supermatic.
  • Hiback: Asym Hadron-Matic-Series – Flip-up hiback for the fastest automatic entry system. After folding, it creates a large opening for easy entry.
  • Upper strap: Hybrid ExoFrame – Injected ankle strap frame with special structure offers great fit and support. It is fixed under the Hybrid Spine frame, which connects the ankle strap to the lower one.
  • Bottom strap: Hexo Toecap – Bottom strap equipped with AuxTech technology – 3D construction that does not deform during movement, so it gives better performance and increased comfort.
  • LSR Locking Slap Ratchet – Special buckles that allow you to lock in your favorite strap tightening level for an equally tuned feel on every ride.
  • 2.5 Canted Bankbeds – A slight 2.5° inclination of the EVA insole ensures a more natural position for your feet, greater support and efficient energy transfer.
  • Slip’n’Grip – Special panels in the baseplate that allow you to easily slip into the binding and back again.
  • Nylon Multidisk 4HP + 3HP + Channel


  • Flex: 8/10
  • Riding Conditions: groomers 5/5, pow 4/5, park 3/5


Binding maat

M = 25cm t/m 27cm, S = 23cm t/m 25cm



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